I just got out of the show.  “Why on earth would you shower?” one might ask.  Well, I had a nice hike on Antelope Island, which is an island in the Great Salt Lake.  It was pretty gorgeous and felt good for the mind and body.  Almost everyone in the program went.  Also, an engineer named Fred came with us.  He was small in stature but large in his laughter.  The morning began with a jaunt to a local bakery with delicious pastries.  We talked about puppies, and I think someone called me “nice,” which was…nice…I guess.  Speaking of puppies, Brian, Jake and I saw some cute puppies yesterday.  One of which was a baby Boxer.  The little guy chewed and tugged on his leash.  Ready? 1,2,3…AWWWWWW!!

More important than my great hike today is the fact that it has been precisely five years (give or take a couple of weeks) since we started bothering each other.  If our relationship were a child, it would be through the most important years of development by now.  There have been misunderstandings, tears, huffs and puffs–but through it all, each of us has been the bedrock for the other.  We’ve been each other’s confidant, shoulder to cry on, and friend to laugh with.  I’m lucky to have made it so long with someone so beautiful.  Through all of her flaws and mine, I think we have helped each other become good people and happy partners.  Here’s to you, peanut.


One thought on “Hiking

  1. Thanks so much, Turtlebutt. I could not agree more. I love bothering you, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life being bothered by you!

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