New Apartment

Long time, no post.  Things have been hectic since I got back to Lincoln from Utah.  Caroline and I have moved into our new, gorgeous apartment with the help of some really great people.  Caroline left for GMIF last night, which is apparently the best high school speech camp in the country.  Caroline will be a TA for limited preparation events like impromptu and extemporaneous speaking.  As far as I know, she didn’t even apply for the program.  She was just badass enough for them to seek her out.  I’ve been trying to call her, but she’s probably busy being an important person and such.


The apartment is a mess.  There are bags and boxes everywhere.  However, I will note that the bedroom is nearly spic-and-span.  I’m working on cleaning and organizing on a room-to-room basis, starting with the bedroom.  This morning I picked up a really nice bed, bed frame, mirror, nightstand, and lamp from a very nice Japanese guy.  Josh, a speech friend, helped with his truck, for which I am very thankful.  Josh is OK in my book.


Caroline is gone for 3 weeks, which is a bummer since I just got back from a 3 week program in Utah.  My plan is to have the apartment ready for her return.


In other news, I will need to talk to my advisor about GRE prep materials.  I heard that the Mathematics GRE is basically a speed test that is not at all reflective of a student’s ability to be a successful grad student.  This bothers me, since I am a slow and thoughtful person.  Oh well.  I also have to start meeting with Jordan regularly about our Braid Group project.


Gotta go!  My best friend David called!


One thought on “New Apartment

  1. YAY for more blog posts! I am glad that you think I am a badass. I think you are pretty okay yourself! Can’t wait to see the apartment all set up!

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