Half-Life 3

I just finished Valve’s much celebrated brain-twisting, darkly comical puzzle game called Portal 2. It was fun. The pacing was amazing. I always wanted to keep going. There was never a moment when I felt the puzzles were monotonous. Just when I’d almost reached my limit of test chambers, interesting dialogue and plot turns shifted the focus and renewed my interest. Overall, a wonderful game.

I thought I would also post an email I drafted at some point about the video game developer Valve and their inability to finish one of the best stories in the video game world. It’s just silly, and I’m bored, so here’s my overly dramatic email:

Hey Valve,

Lets get one thing straight. I love you. That being said, I’ve been playing Portal 2, which is awesome, and I couldn’t help but think about the first Portal. It was a breakthrough in puzzle gaming. Stay with me. Thinking about the first Portal reminded me of how delicious an icing it made for a much more decadent (and truthful) cake. That cake was Half-Life 2.

I Have never spoken out on this issue. I’ve been a good Valve fan and bided my time. But, Half-Life 2 changed my life. I’ve never felt so much emotion in a video game than when I finished Episode 2. I was even okay with the fact that there would only be one more episode.

Then Left 4 Dead came out.
Then Still Alive came out.
Then L4D 2 came out.
Then Portal 2 came out. Etc.

Enough is enough. Each time a game came out without even some good faith that a HL game was on the way, I died a little inside. It became obvious that Episode 3 will never come. I say it will never come because, at this point, after you have made so many non-HL games since Episode 2, I will feel nothing less than unvalued as a loyal Valve fan if something less than a full-fledged Half-Life 3 comes out.

So, I shall ask what I’m sure you have heard from untold thousands before me:

Please. Please give me and the rest of the legion of loyal Valve fans the game that will change everything again. Give us Half-Life 3.



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