Daily Improvement

Last night I stumbled upon a great post about small things that one can do every day to learn more.  A couple of suggestions I thought were good were to read before bed every day, and to watch a TED talk every day.  The link to the post is right here:



This post motivated me to finish a book that I started earlier this summer–Richard Dawkins’ “The Greatest Show on Earth.”  The ending was actually quite good, and I am very happy with the book. There are loads of interesting facts, but more importantly, the book sheds light on several experiments and observations that independently give credence to the theory of evolution by natural selection and invalidate other possible explanations.  A brief list off the top of my head of such experiments and observations are as follows:

-E-Coli experiments

-Lizards of Pod Mrcaru

-Phylogenetic Tree of Life

-All observed living things use the same genetic code system (same 3-letter words corresponding to the same 20 amino acids + start/stop in all creatures, suggesting a unique origin of life.)

-vestigial structures

-wasteful arms races

-poor, makeshift design

-Human Chromosome #2 is the fusion of two ancestral ape chromosome, confirming common ancestry with other primates (actually, I don’t think this was in the book, but I’ll put it down anyway.)


I also watched an inspiring TED talk about the World Peace Game invented by a school teacher.  The link is here below:

Behold as 4th graders solve the problems of the world. I feel deprived that I have never had the opportunity to play.


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