13 November 2011

I am so jumbled. I realized that I haven’t written here in a long time, and that because my priorities have not included blogging, but I feel like I should make myself write something. The problem is that I am always so frazzled that I feel like I can’t sit down to write about my thoughts without taking a lot of effort to organize them first. So screw it. I’m just going to write in a pleasantly unstructured manner. Caroline is interrupting me….

Ok, where was I? Doesn’t matter. I got Skyrim a couple of days ago. It’s amazing. I want to go play it now to de-stress. The set of finite subsets of the natural numbers is countable.

Test+lots of pages to read Tuesday. Topology due Thursday (done with the second problem and the last problem, leaving only 8 or so left–can’t remember. Damn. That’s still a lot of Topology. Confused about the first problem. Compact metric space is second countable. I’ll figure it out. Frazzled).



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