Things to do before I move

For about 6 months now, I’ve been meaning to write down a list of things that I want to do before I graduate. In fact, the act of writing this list was first on the list. I have been in Nebraska for the last four and a half years. I have walked just about every hallway and seen just about every hidden nook from every angle. I have grown here. I have honed my worldview, made unbelievable friends, and taken just about every class I could have hoped to take (save for enrolling in the infinite bachelor’s degree; get a degree, move on to a different subject and get a degree in that, etc.). I suppose this post is my way of coming to terms with the fact that I’m moving a lot sooner than I thought I would. Let’s get started.

These are in no particular order, but I’ll number them anyway.

1. Get a math department t-shirt.
2. Go to the museum on campus with Archie the mammoth in front (Morill Hall).
3. Stock up on cheap software from the computer store.
4. Go to the red/white game.
5. Talk to Professor Pitts about LA.
7. Pick up broken computer from SPS room.
8. Recycle broken computer

I can’t think of any more right now. I’ll come back to the list when I think of more. I have a bunch of others that I’ve thought of, but since I never wrote them down, I don’t remember what they were! Anyway, I’m off to play some Zelda. Maybe read for class a bit too.


3 thoughts on “Things to do before I move

  1. congrats on the free money dude. sucks we won’t be able to have our midwestern meetup, but at least i visited you in lincoln that one time.

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