San Diego

Here’s a quick review of my trip to San Diego.

Tuesday 5/15:  Our flight was in the evening.  Caroline spent the day working, only to come home and immediately leave for the airport.  I spent the day doing errands like laundry and packing.  In the early afternoon before leaving, I hung out at the pool with my friend Bryce and his fiance Chelsea.  We had some good talks.

The first flight went by painlessly, mainly due to the fact that Caroline and I played Magic the whole time.  We participated in multiple epic clashes involving my Blue/White spirit deck and her Blue/Black flying zombie deck.  Yeah…flying zombies are horrifying to think about. We had about 2 hours in Denver to continue playing.  We had a great time.

We arrived late in San Diego. T-dawg picked us up at the airport.  It was really great to see her again.


Wednesday:  Caroline and I woke up and took a walk around the neighborhood.  We ate breakfast and played a truly amazing game of Magic at a small bagel shop. Instead of walking home the way we came, we decided to walk the other way.  We walked by a card/comic shop that specializes in Magic cards!  It was such a coincidence that I thought Caroline knew about the shop beforehand.  The shop was called Crazy Fred’s.  Fred, the owner, was super helpful and knowledgeable.  His shop was great.  It is a large room with comics on the wall and about 20 long tables equipped with hand sanitizer containers.  Anyone could come in without any cards, and he would provide decks that he has built to play for free.  We say a sign that said anyone can chill for up to 1.5 hours, but a minimum purchase of $3 would be required to stay as long as 4 hours.  He has all kinds of decks available so that customers can get ideas for what kinds of play styles they like, what kinds of formats they like, and how new cards from the latest sets work.  Caroline and I played for a bit, and decided to splurge on a bunch of the “Captain” cards from Dark Ascension.  We now have three Sromkirk Captains (2/2 first strike vampire that gives other vampires +1/+1 first strike; perfect for my Black/Red bloodthirsty vampire deck), three Drogskol Captains (2/2 flying spirit that gives other spirits +1/+1 hexproof; perfect for my Blue/White enchanted spirit deck), some Diregraf Ghouls (2/2 deathtouch zombie that gives other zombies +1/+1 and kamikaze tendecies).  We did a lot of deck building that night.

For dinner, we went to a sit-down Mexican restaurant.  It was only decent.  Expensive too.

That night, I played basketball with Sean for about 2 hours.  It was really fun.  I was able to throw down for the first time in years during warm-up.  I guess I was having a good jumping day, because I am heavier and more out of shape than I have been in a long time.


Thursday:  Caroline and I got up and went to Fred’s again.  We had been wanting to try out the Commander/EDH format for Magic, so we thought we would ask Fred if we could play with some of his EDH decks.  I played one game with Caroline in which her general quickly destroyed all of my land, and hence hope.  She played another two games with Fred while I read the fat pack booklets for each of the Innistrad sets.  I actually really like the stories and themes behind the cards.  The lore is intriguing.  Before we left, we decided to give our patronage in the form of two booster packs and 600 penny-sleaves.  On the walk home, we opened the packs to find a gem of a card.  Her name is Gisela, and she is a legendary angel from Avecyn Restored.  She is a 7 cost (one red, two white, and four other) flying first strik 5/5 angel with a devastating ability; damage done to opponents is doubled, and half the damage done to me (rounded up) is prevented. Awesome general for a future EDH deck.  The card is so awesome, in fact, that it’s worth about $13.  It might be better to sell it to get other cards, but its such a great general.

Caroline and I enjoyed great hot tub and pool time as well.


Friday:  Caroline’s parents arrived, as well as Nicole and Katie.  We had a great night out at Hooleys Pub and BJ’s sports bar.  There was delicious food and good sport on the TV.


Saturday:  T-Dawg’s graduation happened.  It was poorly organized, I think.  There were about a million speeches, followed by what I thought to be a nice gesture.  The Dean had the various groups of graduates stand to be recognized. Then, a single outstanding student was given her diploma to symbolize the graduation of the entire class.  She then had the entire class move the tassels from the right to the left.  I thought it was an elegant way to do a graduation that doesn’t last a million years.  My compliment, however, would be short-lived.  The Dean then announced that the commencement ceremony would begin. What?!?  What was the part before? Chopped liver?  Yeah, so they proceeded to call the names of each student individually.  After about an hour of students walking across the stage, one-by-one, there were still about half left.  We couldn’t stand it anymore, so Teresa and all of us left.  Delicious family grill by the pool ensued.


Sunday: Didney-Lan.  By that, I mean Disneyland.  Disneyland was great.  In the morning,we walked all around and got fast passes. Glenn, Sean, and I went to ESPN zone where Glenn treated us to Lunch/Lunner/Dunch/Dinnch/Dinner.  We returned to the parks and had a great time.  At 9:30, we got VIP seats to the fireworks show.


Monday:  I had orientation in LA.  Caroline scoped out apartments.  We got a great apartment slightly above our budget, but it’s just wonderful.  We had endless sushi for dinner.


Tuesday: Lazy day.  Went shopping.  Ate shrimp burrito–strange, but good.


Wednesday: Returned home.


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