Honorary Office Mate

This one is for Chris, Doug, Sandra, and Simone in that order. The order is alphabetical.

This last academic year, I took several first-year graduate Mathematics courses. Knowing that the year would be tough, I set out to make friends with some of the graduate students to garner the academic and emotional support I would need. Over the course of time, I found myself an honorary office mate in one of the graduate student offices. It was a great experience, and I dedicate this post to those who made it that way.

Chris: Chris is a patient and competent robot. I call him a robot because I only ever see him drink coffee and smoke cigarettes. I think the coffee powers and lubricates his robot body, while the cigarettes run his central processing unit. Chris has no ego, and so doing math with him is a matter of discussing ideas rather than boasting intelligence. For this reason, Chris was probably my favorite to do math with.

Doug: In matters academic and philosophical, Doug is a thoughtful and considerate person. Doug is humble, simple, and a caring friend. For this reason, Doug was my favorite to talk to. Side note: It was always so funny every Friday when Solomon would come searching for Doug to ask what would be on the Algebra quiz.

Sandra: While I only did math with Sandra a few times, I did often have lunch with her. She is very passionate and dedicated, and I wish her the best with her Fiancé.

Simone: Having been accustomed to carrying a healthy supply of Chill Pills with me to help Simone through her nervous breakdowns, I was inspired to invest heavily in anti-stress pharmaceutical research. Simone made for a great math partner. She is a conscientious student, a caring instructor, and a fierce friend. I think that every day I saw Simone, I smiled more brightly and my day was better for it.

Thank you guys. I hope you each find what you are looking for.


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