First Impressions of LA


These first two days have been overwhelming. Not in the sense that I’m stepping into a new stage of life. Physically overwhelming. Too much new sensory information. Every street is filled with copious nooks, each something I’ve never seen before. In the moving process, we have had to navigate all around, taking in everything for the first time, every second for hours. I’m quickly learning the neighborhood. We’ve driven on some streets enough times that I can actually tell where I am. All of this, by the way, is just the immediate neighborhood. Taking a freeway a mile north acts like a wormhole to a new dimension– a whole new set of streets and businesses with their own nooks. Overwhelming.

We have cracked the apartment into shape. It’s still a mess, but the underlying skeletal structure is in place. The couch/TV area is set up; the craft table / white board area is set up (except the whiteboard is just on the floor); the dining area is put together (a nice, small glass dining table with bamboo placemats); the kitchen is organized but not put away; and the bed frame is built and the bed made. We even have an organizer for DVDs/games that we hung right below the light switch at the entrance, whose top makes for a nice keys/wallet area. Oh, and we have a lamp associated with said light switch.

Wow, I’m doing this/that a lot.

My plan today is to do a walkabout, except with the eventual goal of getting to the AT&T center. I’ll go to the student lounge for some wifi so I get get started on some paperwork I have to do. I’ll update more later I think. I also wanted to catalog my visit to Salt Lake City for journaling purposes, so I might do that later today as well.


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