Something Bothered Me

Something bothered me at Hollywood last night. There were people trying to hand out CD’s.  We were walking by, and a guy was basically trying to put a CD in our hands. It was crowded, with lots of lights and we were just trying to get through the crowd.  The guy said, “You know, it’s ok to talk to black people.  It’s ok to talk to black people.”

I still haven’t really figured it out, but that really bothered me. I wanted to say something at the time, but we were walking and there was a torrent of people behind me pushing me forward.  I know my friend Sean wouldn’t take that. He would just do what I wanted to do, which was to say, “You might have experienced racism in your life, but you can’t just go around calling people racist for not wanting your stupid CD. It’s rude, and you should probably think for a second before passing judgment on people you don’t know.”


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