I see something new every day (Warning: Kinda graphic)

Sorry ahead of time for the graphic nature of this post.



This morning I saw a cat rolling around on the street, like cats often do to scratch their backs.  This cat’s movements were more violent, though.  And then they were a lot more violent.  I saw the cat struggle as it rolled, blood pouring out of its mouth.  Then it stopped moving.  It just died right there in the street.  It was difficult to take my eyes off of the cat, but I was about to miss the bus.

It was shocking to see such a sight and then have to abruptly go on with my day.  Watching the cat struggle made attempt to put myself into its last conscious moments.  What is it like to die in such a horrible way on the street?  The only coherent thought I can muster is that I don’t want any sentient being to suffer like that cat suffered in its last moments.


One thought on “I see something new every day (Warning: Kinda graphic)

  1. You are such a poignant writer that this sad scene is imprinted on my memory forever….Imagine if the American people were allowed to read about the unspeakable suffering of our soldiers overseas — instead of just reading cold statistics…

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