Possible grading scheme with portfolios

I have made my position against using “grades” to evaluate students in the past.  I much prefer a more comprehensive evaluation like a portfolio.  Within the grading framework, I think a portfolio needs to take the attention away from anxiety-inducing tests.  Here’s an idea.

15%:  Quizzes (every day, over old material)

20%:  Tests (with built-in review of old material, perhaps cumulative)

15%: Daily homework (Including open-ended questions that are graded on effort)

50%:  Portfolio

—–15/2%:  Quiz Reflections (Anything incorrect is done again correctly with full explanation.  Also, a summary of the main idea.)

—–20/2%: Test Reflections (see above)

—-15/2%:  Homework Reflections (see above)

I need to accommodate space in the portfolio space for extra stuff, like cool stuff students have found that are related to the material, as well as general organization and decoration.  I’m not sure how to do that at the moment.


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