It’s been forever since I’ve written here.  I think I need to write here more often for my sanity.  My mind is restless today.  It might be because I didn’t have much human interaction today, or because I’ve been doing a lot of work and can’t get it off my mind even though I did what I needed to do today.  It might be because I haven’t exercised in a while, or listened to music, or read something fictitious.  I think writing here helps.

The question of the day is an existential one.  I ask myself whether I am fulfilling a purpose I can be proud of.  I think my path in life has been a great one, and my future seems to promise work that befits my curious mind and enthusiasm for investigating the world I live in.  Nevertheless, my restless mind has been questioning what it is I need to be happy and fulfilled.  I think I’ll get back into the groove of things once I see my kids and my guiding teacher again tomorrow.  That’s all for now.


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