Job Interview #2

I just had my second job interview today. It was short and sweet. as a teacher, I have become keenly aware of my own voice. Through practice and research, I’ve learned that the value of what I say decreases exponentially with the number of words I use. During the interview, therefore, I felt uncomfortable with the fact that I was talking so much.

Despite being self-conscious of blabbering, I think the interview went well. There were two interviewers–one I already know from Math for America, and another from the school. The school official wasn’t very enthusiastic, but the MfA coach was warm and welcoming. With too many words, I was hopefully able to send the message that caring for students to succeed–in all senses of the word–comes first. Exposing students to the power of keen mathematical insight is a close second. After the interview, I walked out with the MfA coach. We chatted by the entrance of the school for nearly as long as the interview itself. I will hear back early next week, even though I won’t interview with LAUSD until May 22.

That’s all for now. I’ll have to remember to write about an incident that happened to me yesterday while teaching.

Update: I didn’t get the job offer, but a good friend of mine did. The MfA coach I mentioned above said that more positions might open up in the next couple of months and she’ll keep me in mind. The hunt continues!


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