The List (Summer Edition)

This is a list of stuff I want to do this summer. There is no specific order.

Get a Job

I am still on the hunt for a position. It looks like Glendale won’t have a position available, so I just need to keep finding interviews.


Nebraska, Georgia, Northern California. Arizona. New car. Road trip(s).


Currently, I only have Brave New World and Time Reborn (by Lee Smolin) on the queue. Other suggestions are welcome.

Get Educateder

There is a free professional development course for math teachers. If you’re interested, you can sign up free right here.


I want to start doing Bikram Yoga with Caroline. I need to limber up, and Bikram sounds fun. I also want to play basketball.

Learn Spanish

Many of my future students will be native Spanish speakers.  It would be a generally good idea to learn some Spanish.

Go through some Khan Academy Playlists

It’s been a while since I’ve closely inspected Khan Academy’s offerings.  It turns out that there’s a lot of great new stuff–especially the new Astronomy and Cosmology section.


In June, I think it would be prudent to make a little pocket change as well as keep my calculus muscle sharp by tutoring calculus.

Be Active

Get out of the house at least once per day, if only to take a walk.

I’ll probably add some more to The List later.


3 thoughts on “The List (Summer Edition)

  1. Don’t waste your time with Brave New World. It’s a few days you’ll never get back. It was so awful it made me cry.

    1. Already half way through it. I need to finish at this point. I’m really impressed by the fact that it was written in the early 30’s and has such fine imagination about the future.

  2. I am also re-reading Brave New World…but I got distracted by Big Bang Theory and haven’t finished reading.

    Be sure to let me know when you’re coming to Arizona!

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