Lessons Learned from Various Games

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • Self-Augmentations are a scary and exciting future
  • Augmentation technology — nanomachines to improve body function, prosthetic limbs imbued with super-human strength, improved vision, improved intelligence, immortality– has great potential to improve people’s lives.  The tech will restore limbs to vets, correct birth defects, and many more miracles.
  • However, augmentation also has dire consequences if abused.  Imagine a world where the richest people augment themselves to be smarter, healthier, stronger, and quicker than those not wealthy enough to afford the enhancements.  You think it’s hard to get into college now?  Imagine competing with people who can download entire databases of information into their enhanced memory banks.


Metal Gear Solid 4

  • Artificially intelligent drones and genetically/mechanically modified super-soldiers whose emotions are controlled remotely pave the way for endless proxy wars by multinational corporations over resources.  An economy based on war makes the world a little more terrifying.


Grand Theft Auto 4

  • Revenge doesn’t restore what you’ve lost


Assassin’s Creed

  • Honorable goals do not translate to honorable measures to attain those goals.


  • Oppression can be overcome, but the price is high.
  • DOG is man’s best friend
  • Gravity is the coolest force
  • Some friends are worth following to the ends of the earth
  • Discovery can have unforeseen consequences
  • Freedom is precious


Final Fantasy 7

  • Together, great deeds are possible.
  • Ruby Weapon is tough…


  • Saving someone from impending doom doesn’t guarantee Bow-Chicka-Bow-Bow.  Poor Link…

God of War

  • Giving up love for power is always a bad trade
  • No amount of anger can atone one’s transgressions
  • Sometimes you work for hours to push a giant box across a desert only to get speared through the heart from 100 miles away and condemned to scratch your way out of Hades…again
  • Violence can get you power, but it can never give you peace


Red Dead Redemption

  • The government can’t be trusted–especially in the decreasingly wild west.


Shadow of the Colossus

  • Everyone has a weakness, and when you find it, you should stab at it over and over until you win
  • Brains over brawn
  • Heart counts for a lot



That’s it for now.  Might add more later.




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