Behavioral Economics Part 2

Temptation Bundling Temptation bundling is a technique to incentivize ourselves to get something done by pairing it with something we enjoy. I need to clean the kitchen, and I also love podcasts, so I try to save my podcasts for when I clean the kitchen (or need to do other podcast-compatible activities). In order for … Continue reading Behavioral Economics Part 2


Behavioral Economics Part 1

I love behavioral economics. There are so many key concepts that fundamentally change the way you see human behavior.  The mix of one part economics with two parts psychology is a powerful one that might just enable us to make the world a better place for people to live.  These ideas are not thoroughly sourced, but … Continue reading Behavioral Economics Part 1

Our Cosmic Habitat

Today's Physics post is about modern cosmology--the composition and behavior of the universe at the grandest scale, and an introduction to the "fine tuning problem." The second paragraph is a recap from the last physics post, "Echoes of the Big Bang." The appendix lists five of the many techniques for measuring distance in the cosmos. … Continue reading Our Cosmic Habitat