Story of (Phi)bonacci’s Constant

When I was in high school, I was astounded by the golden ratio and all of its connections. I asked my teachers, and I even asked my first math professor in college. I didn't really get good answers to my questions. Years later, I pieced together a coherent story of many of the connections that … Continue reading Story of (Phi)bonacci’s Constant



Hi journal, Today, I want to talk about empathy. We humans aren't very strong. We don't have the sharpest teeth. We don't have complicated systems of biological camouflage. The fastest of us are relatively slow and our eyesight is relatively poor. We don't have much as far as basic animal defenses go.  But we do … Continue reading Empathy 

Lessons Learned from Various Games

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Self-Augmentations are a scary and exciting future Augmentation technology -- nanomachines to improve body function, prosthetic limbs imbued with super-human strength, improved vision, improved intelligence, immortality-- has great potential to improve people's lives.  The tech will restore limbs to vets, correct birth defects, and many more miracles. However, augmentation also has … Continue reading Lessons Learned from Various Games