Growth Mindset Conference

I recently attended a math teacher's conference in San Diego, and in preparation for running some Professional Development about what I learned, I thought I would try to summarize here.   Growth Mindset Research The research, in a nutshell, says that the brain grows with concerted effort and collaborative communication.  The brain is a plastic … Continue reading Growth Mindset Conference


Algebra Teaching Tips

Here are some useful take-aways for teaching Algebra from the EDUC115 class I mentioned earlier. First, some definitions are helpful. Procedural Algebra: Using variables to represent a specific number that you solve for. Structural Algebra: Using variables to describe patterns/growth in a general sense. Tips: 1.  Teach structural algebra first.  This taps into students' natural … Continue reading Algebra Teaching Tips

My Job

Teaching has the potential to consume everything in one's life.  In order to promote my mental health, I've been trying to separate my job from the things my students have to do themselves.  I'm not sure if this list is useful, correct, or complete, but it seems to help me in this moment. Teacher's job … Continue reading My Job

Lessons Learned from Various Games

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Self-Augmentations are a scary and exciting future Augmentation technology -- nanomachines to improve body function, prosthetic limbs imbued with super-human strength, improved vision, improved intelligence, immortality-- has great potential to improve people's lives.  The tech will restore limbs to vets, correct birth defects, and many more miracles. However, augmentation also has … Continue reading Lessons Learned from Various Games